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Lunar Mission (Lunar Lander clone)

The game Lunar Mission is a very improved version of the old classic Lunar Lander and runs on Android and iOS. It's a black and white game with minimalist design, very beautiful.

It's a physics based lander game (with low gravity effect).

It seems to be developed using Scirra "Construct 2", an engine for creating 2D games, including the "c2runtime.js" file. It seems to be packed (APK) with CocoonJS framework.

The game was created by, probably published by Jules Van Her (aka. Jules Van Herwijnen / JohnSmith27).

There is another game called "Cavernaut" that has a similar game environment and graphics.
Redden (cave level) is also similar.

Post by games (2015-12-29 18:36)

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Post by games (2014-09-07 22:28)

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Dragon's Lair game

Dragon's Lair logo

Dragon's Lair is a very old video game (released in year 1983) that had astonishing graphics and animations at a time where most video games had simple pixel art and primitive animations.

The first version of Dragon's Lair was made in laser disc.

Dragon's Lair 2 "Time Warp" was released some years after and has a surreal story including characters like Beethoven and Alice in Wonderland.

Main game characters:

  • The knight hero (Dirk the Daring)
  • The princess (Daphne)
  • The Dragon (Singe)
  • Lizard King (evil)
  • Dirk's horse
  • Tentacles

Dragon's Lair arcade appears shortly in the movie "Wreck it Ralph"

Post by games (2014-08-05 15:23)

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Monument Valley game

"Those who stole our sacred geometry have forgotten their true selves."

Monument Valley is a game where you can explore the secrets of the sacred geometry of M.C.Escher. This game is a true work of art. Some game environments seem to be inspired in Oscar Reutersvärd ("the father of the impossible figure") with optical illusions.

Inspired in minimalism, classical japanese design, geometric mazes, impossible architecture and surreal sculptures.

Wikipedia article about Monument Valley:

My personal Monument Valley photo gallery

Below is a screenshot from the Chapter IX (chapter 9), known as "The Descent".
Ida, the white princess, should appear only ones but she appears many times because this big vertical image is a photomontage of many screenshots from the game. Below the orange room full of stairs lies the underground dark staircases. The strange white bird is the mirror image of Ida the princess. There are rotating stairs, the dial mechanism, gaps, big ladder, Even below there is stairs surrounded by black rocks and then, finally, The Crypt and the grave, the place where she will leave the red flower...


Monument Valley - The Descent - Chapter IX

Post by games (2014-08-03 20:46)

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